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Friendship Creation Contribution


The Japan Postal Group Union (JPGU) with its 240,000-strong membership pursues the “true happiness of the members,” and promotes the “free and democratic trade union movement” as the most important mission of our day. Therefore, in order for our members to have a brighter hope for the future and to reduce the negative impact of the split services, JPGU pressed the Diet to move for postal reform. The revised postal reform law was finally passed on April 27, 2012, and Postal Service Company was established on October 1, 2012. Together with our members, we are now putting our wisdom into creating a new Japan Post Group. JPGU will make its best efforts to organize a total of 300,000 members. When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, we received a huge amount of support from our overseas colleagues. As the JPGU, we thank everyone for their support and will continuously support the recovery and revival in the devastated areas.

Bro. Mitsugi Masuda
JPGU President


Symbolic Phrase
Friendship, Creation, Contribution

In the spirit of friendship, JPGU creates a union and businesses filled with hope, which seeks to contribute to betterment of the life of its members and to help build a fair society.

Basic Principles

JPGU’s three viewpoints

Reformist’s viewpoint

  • ・The attainment of political reform and a citizen-centered society
  • ・The redressing of disparities
  • ・The realization of a gender-equal society
  • ・Contributing to local communities
  • ・The promotion of contributing to social and volunteer activities

Entrepreneur’s viewpoint

  • ・Self-reformation toward the breaking up of corporations and the privatization of the
  • ・Japanese postal services
  • ・Business management to facilitate the integration of the Japan Post Group
  • ・New labor movement linked with business activities
  • ・Productivity improvement
  • ・The development of an educational program

Trade unionist’s viewpoint

  • ・Developing the JPGU’s labor movement with the input of union members
  • ・The realization of good/improved working conditions after privatization
  • ・Making a stronger and bigger union
  • ・Cooperation with international union movements
  • ・Better and stronger support for union members


To pursue the “true happiness of members”

(1)Achieving the membership of 300,000
For the sustainable business development of Japan Post Group, the employment security and the better working conditions of JPGU members, JPGU needs to build up a strong union membership of 300,000. Achieving this figure is one of the priority issues to realize the “true happiness of members.” Thus,JPGU is undertaking this purpose at full power.

(2)Negotiation issues
JPGU and Japan Post Group have labor-management consultation committees in which the labor and the management understand and confirm group’s management strategy and policy to have a sustainable development of the Japan Post Group with cooperation between the labor and the management.
In addition, JPGU has collected the opinions and requests from front-line workers and negotiate at the national level in order to improve their working conditions, the environment of workplaces, and so on.

(3)International Labor Movement and UNI
JPGU is affiliated with Union Network International (UNI) that consists of 900 unions and 20 million members across the world. JPGU president Usuki, serving as president of UNI-Apro Post and Logistics, and vice president of UNI-Liaison Council of Japan, is vigorously carrying out international labor movement with UNI colleagues from the global viewpoint.
In 2010, when the 3rd UNI world congress was held in Nagasaki, Japan, a lot of JPGU volunteer members joined to help that congress. JPGU continues to foster union members who are able to play active roles in the international trade union movement.

(4)Youth and Women
Youth Network
Members aged 30 and under belong to the “Youth Network.” The role of “Youth Network” is to promote exchanges among youth members in each region and on a national level, and to foster future union leaders through educational and recreational activities geared towards the youth.

Women’s Forum
The “Women’s Forum” has been created to promote education and exchanges among female members. Through these activities, women members will be able to share with one another issues that are important to them. We believe that female involvement in union activities will enrich the JPGU movement.

(5)JPGU Research Institute
JPGU has its own research organ where postal & logistics, finance, and labor policy issues are studied, the results are then published.

Public Relations
In order to present information about the updated JPGU’s activities and JP Group business decisions, its bulletin is usually published on a bi-weekly basis.
A members-only section of the JPGU website is also available, in which members are able to find updated bargaining information, and discover whether they are eligible for special accommodationsaving benefits.


The Creation of the JPGU and its roles
The creation of the JPGU labor movement and our goals

Development of the JPGU’s movement

  • ・Improvement of union member services
    Constructing a new relationship between labor and management
  • ・Better policy making and writing of better proposals by JPGU
  • ・The JPGU’s support of politicians and political groups friendly to our organization
  • ・Achieving better balance between work and one’s free time/home life
  • ・The contribution to local communities


Decision-making body and the executive organ
The activities of JPGU are carried out by Central Executive Committee based on determinations of the National Congress and the Central Committee.

National Congress
The Supreme-decision making organ (meets annually)

Central Committee Meeting
The Decision-making body, which is second in importance to the convention (meets biannually)

Central Executive Committee
A body to perform union operations
A secretariat was established under the organ.

Administrative/treasury Bureau
Planning Bureau
Organizing Bureau
Labor Policy Bureau
JPGU Research Institute

JPGU - 240,774 (As of Junuary, 2016)

Japan Post Group
Membership in group companies

Japan Post Holdings -1,559
Japan Post - 220,579
Japan Post Bank - 10,001
Japan Post Insurance - 5,251
The other Japan Post Group companies - 3,384

Regional Organization
JPGU has 13 regional organizations which support local union members.
- Hokkaido
- Tohoku
- Kanto
- Minami-Kanto
- Tokyo
- Shin’etsu
- Tokai
- Hokuriku
- Kinki
- Chugoku
- Shikoku
- Kyushu
- Okinawa

[Date of issue: January 2016]